The first Moana trailer is out

News of the MOANA movie is spreading far and wide with the first teaser now doing it's rounds. This one focuses  on Maui but is very cool with Te Vaka log drums and announcing Opetaia as one of the writers - not something ususally seen on movie trailers so a nice little bonus. All the paperwork is in progress for the rush visas and all the best Te Vaka singers past and present are getting ready to fly to LA to give "Moana" their very best at the Warner Bros recording sessions. Of course Olivia will be there and Sulata, Vai, Melodee. Plus the boys - Opetaia, Matatia, Douglas, Talaga and other voices heard on Te Vaka albums that havent toured with the band but help us to capture the magic of the South Pacific. We are all very excited!!!