Doing what we do 

Yes we are still here. I know the band has not been on tour since things got crazy. It was hard enough touring a big band around the world when things were normal, it got considerably harder after September 11th and since March 2020 it became impossible for a while. Even now you can arrive at the airport to find the flight is canceled or the band could rehearse for weeks to find that the show is canceled. There is just too much uncertainty to tour a large band at the moment so we will wait for things to…

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Creating a dance film 

Creating is the best thing any of us do. As the manager of Te Vaka sometimes I am fortunate enough to get out of the office and be involved in the creation process. Such a time occurred a couple of weeks ago when I had to jump in and create 6 costumes for Olivia's dance film. Being a part of and experiencing a hugely talented bunch of young people create magic was a priviledge. These are the moments that make what I do in the office worthwile.


2021 is here 

Te Vaka headquarters is buzzing with music - there is a new Te Vaka album being created as I write. It is set for release in the first half of this year and we are excited to share it with everyone. As you might expect due to the COVID situation, there are no tours planned for this year, but that does not mean you won't hear from us in more ways than one. 

As well as the album, work is intensifying on the making of the Te Vaka documentary. This project was started several years ago but there is still a…

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A long time between posts 

We have received a number of emails wondering what has happened and why the band isn't on tour, so here is a little insight into some of the things that have been going on.....Here at Te Vaka headquarters there has been much creating. Olivia and Matatia have thrown their many talents into the ring and have been creating up a storm. Olivia has written a stunning album and together with Matatia's production skills and beats they have come up with a very exciting sound. The great reviews tell the story -  we…

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Te Vaka/Moana/Orchestra tour 

More than 6 weeks have gone by and we are still buzzing from the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra tour. Four sold out shows in Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington with their respective Orchestras of more than 60 instrumentalists in each. Performing the songs of Moana, from the heart, with an Orchestra bringing out so much emotion has really had an impact on all of us, in the best possible way.

It all started at the beginning of 2017 when we received the invitation from Kirsten Mason of Orchestra…

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Magic at the Pacific Music awards 

Now living in Australia, we don't always make it to the New Zealand Pacific Music awards and in fact we haven't attended since 2010 when Te Vaka won two awards for the 'Haoloto album' and the band performed live on the night. When Universal music nominated, Opetaia, Olivia, Vai, Sulata and Matthew for categories in this year’s awards we were not sure whether we could make it but when they were all announced as finalists, with Olivia in two categories - the "Best Pacific female artist" and "Best Pacific…

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Music Manager Awards night 

Te Vaka has been nominated for and won many awards over the last 20 years but I have always stayed behind the lines, just working by myself mostly, occasionally seeking advice from others in the industry but because Te Vaka isn't a pop or rock band I have had to figure a lot of it out as I went along. When I received the email to say I had been nominated for the MMF (Music Managers) "International achievement" award I was pleasantly surprised but didn't really give it a lot of thought. I was still busy…

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Moana nominated for 2 Oscars 

Tomorrow we will find out if Moana wins an Oscar or two at the Academy awards. Whether it does or not, doesn't change the fact that it is an awesome movie, created with passion by some very talented and special people. The journey has been one of extreme highs and the ocassional low. A lot to learn in a short space of time, working with people whose creative output in a day is more than most people do in months or even years. Working with the Disney team has been an incredible experience and a dream come…

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The end of 2016 

Christmas is upon us in a couple of days and I am reflecting on an incredible year that I am not so sure I want to end. The overwhelming success of Moana has left us all feeling so good, knowing that all the work that went into this movie really was worth something because people are loving it, you cant ask for more than that. The UK Blue carpet Premiere was very successful and a lot of fun, there is no place like London and we had a chance to catch up with friends and family that we hadnt seen in a very…

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The World Premiere of Moana 

Wow!!! I mean seriously wow!!! Sitting in our hotel room in LA writing this blog I am in a place where all dreams can come true. Myself and the Te Vaka team could not have dreamed or hoped for anything better than the experience we had on the evening of the 14th of November at the Moana World premiere Blue (red) Carpet event in Hollywood. Arriving at the El Capitan theater in the afternoon for soundcheck there were still a few logistics to get through like how were we going to walk the blue carpet with…

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