Rehearsals have begun

So little time and so much to be done before the tour. The band arrived a few days ago and rehearsals are intense - songs from the new album to add to the show, re-creating and improving old favourites. Lots of laughs but lots of sweat too. I have had to stay back in the office to deal with the album launch and all the technical details and logistics of touring the show. To have them both happening at the same time is challenging, at times overwhelming. Fortunately the visas are all done as we did them for the D23 so there isnt the stress of waiting to get the passports back from the consulate before we leave but now the US tax department wants all sorts of documentation done which is not much fun especially when I have a million other things to do. Oh well, there is no arguing with it, I will work every hour of the day as this all has to be done before we leave. I look forward to getting on the road now and getting away from paperwork for a while. There is nothing like watching  a good Te Vaka show to make all this work worth it.