Go the Gators

Fantastic night in Gainesville, the audience loved the show even got a standing ovation. Before the show we got given our Gator pins and  a few tips about this university town so when the whole band broke into the Ika Ika dance at the end of the show, which the audience sang along to with great enthusiasm, the dancers  threw in the move that expresses the chomping Aligators jaws and the place went wild. Lots of fun, these guys are so passionate about their Gridiron team "the Gators" the whole of Gainesville supports it and everywhere you see "Go Gators" and when there is a home game there is 90,000 plus people and the streets errupt into total chaos. Unfortunately this weekend it was an away game so we missed that. Flying to Seattle today - two flights first to Atlanta and then a second 5 and a half hour flight to Seattle. I expect there will be a few band members sleeping on the plane as I heard there was not much sleeping done last night.