On tour in 10 days

There are never enough hours in the day but leading up to a tour when you have just released a CD things can be extreme. Even with an extraordinarily tight schedule there are certain things that just have to be done, so thankfully we have now managed our customery gathering to autograph the pre-ordered CDs after rehearsal tonight. When you get these boys (and Olivia) all together round the table you can guarantee there is going to be a lot of laughter. Here's hoping no-one smudged their signature and the names were all spelt correctly. Still more things to handle the bass drum split during rehearsal, this is a potential tour disaster and Neil isnt here to help. Matatia has whipped together some fibreglassing equipment in the hope that it holds the drum together and doesnt kill the sound especially after all the work we went to before the D23 putting on new skins etc to get the drums sounding great. Fingers-crossed - we will find out in the morning.