AMATAGA has arrived

Over-joyed, relieved, happy - we picked up the new CD (Amataga) today and it is perfect! The booklet looks exactly like it is supposed to, no colour disasters, no mistakes of any kind and the music is all there and it plays beautifully. Thank you MAD CDs you did a great job! If you are reading this blog, you could be excused for thinking that this would be a good time to put our feet up and bathe in the success of seeing the manifestation of a brand new album, with a glass of wine or some such treat That would be nice but I dont think so. The band arrives tomorrow for rehearsals and there is so much still to do we will defintely be working very late tonight. With copies of the CD to send out to radio stations and reviewers all over the world before we leave for the tour, costumes to make, the list goes on. But I have to say having this album finally in my hand is very exciting!