Gathering the team for Disney

Its been a crazy busy week and that is nothing compared to whats coming next. When we first started work on the "Moana" project and actually right up until last week the plan was to record the drums and voices for the movie in Australia as an easier option to flying everyone to the US and having to get work visas for everyone. Then out of the blue, during a Disney zoom meeting the producer announced she wanted our list of Te Vaka singers pretty much immediately so we could get started on the work visas!!! Wow!! this is exciting!!! No doubt about that. Recording at Warner Bros Studios in Burbank is a huge amount of fun as we discovered in the log drum recording sessions last year. But we are taking a team of 12 and guess who gets to do all the paperwork!!! It's funny how things work out, the one job in the world that causes me extraordinary stress is applying for US Visas and the whole process of trying to get passports complete with visas back before missing the flight. As usual with these things, it is actually about a month later than we should be putting applications in and it's all going to have to be rushed and expedited and we have people flying from Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland so there is a lot to co-ordinate - hair pulling stuff but someone has to do it. JF