2nd day in Florida

The Jetlag is extreme after traveling for 2 days with no sleep but everyone is coping. The first show is tomorrow night at the Gainesville University and we have just got back to the hotel after the required drinks and Hors d'oeuvres with the donors of the university. An interesting night at the Gainesville countryclub with some rather wealthy people in a very beautiful environment.

Most of the band are having a little trouble adjusting to the timezone but we are relieved and happy to be here in time for the first performance and with all personel and instruments intact. It was all looking highly doubtful a couple of days ago when a text from Virgin Airlines stating our flight had been canceled threw everything into a spin. After half a day spent on the phone we had a flight a day earlier than planned which really pushed tour preparations into high gear as there was still so much to do. Rehearsals were cut short and we pretty much just started throwing things into suitcases. When sitting on the plane all set to go it seemed like we had made it through the worst but a 4 hour detainment in US customs and a delayed flight causing us to miss our final of 3 flights and have to overnight in Atlanta has left me a little unsettled about the reliability and liability of all this travel.