1. Lua afe

From the recording Ki mua

A Song to celebrate the new millennium. It is a wish for people of all colours, races and religions to come together with no prejudices, just a willingness to live together. This agreement is celebrated at the break of the new millennium.
Tokelau language


LUA AFE (Two thousand)Opetaia Foa'i

huani mai
heheke mai
ko tagata ianu kehe
na tagata ianu kehe
tatou tagata nei
koutou tagata nei
o fano atu (ki te) Lua afe
(Ki te) Lua afe

Get readyMove this wayPeople of all coloursPeople of all colours
These are our peopleYour peopleTogetherWe move forwardTo 2,000


© Spirit of Play Productions/Opetaia Foa'i