The end of 2016

Christmas is upon us in a couple of days and I am reflecting on an incredible year that I am not so sure I want to end. The overwhelming success of Moana has left us all feeling so good, knowing that all the work that went into this movie really was worth something because people are loving it, you cant ask for more than that. The UK Blue carpet Premiere was very successful and a lot of fun, there is no place like London and we had a chance to catch up with friends and family that we hadnt seen in a very long time. The New Zealand Premiere, however, was even more special. All the band members and their families that lived in New Zealand had tickets. Opetaia's 84 and 85 year old parents were there. It was a real celebration for family, and a uniting force for the people of the South Pacific. So many tears of joy and hugs of happiness. Now, the journey that we have been on for more than 3 years has come to an end, for now anyway. There are lots of exciting things in the pipeline for 2017 but for now we will enjoy christmas with the family and take a short much needed break.