Doing what we do

Yes we are still here. I know the band has not been on tour since things got crazy. It was hard enough touring a big band around the world when things were normal, it got considerably harder after September 11th and since March 2020 it became impossible for a while. Even now you can arrive at the airport to find the flight is canceled or the band could rehearse for weeks to find that the show is canceled. There is just too much uncertainty to tour a large band at the moment so we will wait for things to become doable again.

In the meantime we have not stopped creating. Te Vaka Beats Vol.3 came out on the 28th November. Matatia and Opetaia have written some great new beats. There has been much innovating in the recording process for the drums which have been painstakingly recorded at the highest level for log and skin drums.

Also, Opetaia has completed six meditation tracks for the HAAA app.The individual tracks, (20 mins each) contain elements and sounds that are unique to the culture of each Island - Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Cook Islands, New Zealand Maori and Hawai'i. The idea for the App was presented to Opetaia as a way to help with the growing statistics for suicide amongst Pacific youth. He felt strongly that this was something he needed to support. The concept is that someone in need of help could be connected to their culture through music,sound and language. The response has been so positive that Rob-Kipa Williams, the founder of HAAA has released the tracks on streaming services for everyone to enjoy as people from all over the world have been responding to the cultural connection.listen here

Very recently, Sulata, Neil, Manase and Malcolm flew over to join Opetaia, Matatia and Olivia in the studio to record for the upcoming Te Vaka album. There is nothing like having the original members of the team together. So much love, laughter and creation. It has been seven years since the release of the last Te Vaka album "Amataga". I can tell you the magic is still there - watch this space!