A long time between posts

We have received a number of emails wondering what has happened and why the band isn't on tour, so here is a little insight into some of the things that have been going on.....Here at Te Vaka headquarters there has been much creating. Olivia and Matatia have thrown their many talents into the ring and have been creating up a storm. Olivia has written a stunning album and together with Matatia's production skills and beats they have come up with a very exciting sound. The great reviews tell the story -  we are so proud of them both. Check out a review of "Candid" here. All the while the Candid album is being made Olivia has also been writing, choreographing, directing and performing in music video clips for Hau la, My Way, Tropical and Aulelei from "Candid" and on top of that directing and filming Matatia's first short film "Stuntbot" which he wrote and stars in. The Sydney Premiere for this is 6th of March. You can book here. As you may have guessed these guys dont sleep much - production is everything, there is no time to waste. Oh I forgot to mention during all of this Matatia has been writing and recording "Te Vaka Beats" vol 2. due out very soon and Olivia has already started work on her second album. I am hoping this will help to explain some of the reasons why the band has not been touring for a while.  More news soon.

Te Vaka Management