Amataga Album

…" The melodic songs this time feature
more acoustic guitar and seductive
percussion and less pop and rock
elements which makes the music even
more attractive” ….
ANGEL ROMERO World Music Central
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Havili Album

”There is live feeling to this recording,
especially evident on the vibrant,
dynamic log drumming track Vevela 
and the evocative didgeridoo in Luga
Ma Lalo"...
AMANDA MILLS NZ Musician Magazine
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 Haoloto Album

..."fans who will fall in love all over again
with fresh tracks like Tauasa, Te Mavaega
and Tui Moana. New ears could hope for
no better a time to experience Te Vaka’s
South Pacific fusion"...
CAL KOAT Worldbeat Canada
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 Olatia Album
...it’s no wonder Te Vaka has captured
the ear of listeners with their 4 previous
albums and it comes as no surprise that
Olatia is endowed with a richly magical
blend of traditional and contemporary”…
TJ.NELSON World Music Central 
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 Tutuki Album

..."Tutuki finds all the right balances;
traditional but not too provincial, funky
but not too Western, polished but not
too slick. Foa’i has used his instinctive
feel for the innate beauty of the Pacific
melody, along with flawless production,
to create a very spacious & elegant album
SETH JORDAN Songlines Magazine
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 Nukukehe Album

…”There is plenty of lip service paid to
Pacific culture but Foa’i’s Te Vaka is the
real oil: this is the canoe undertaking
the great migration. To be moved by
something so familiar, so pervasive it is
taken for granted, is like rediscovering
your own heartbeat”…
CHRIS BOURKE Real Groove Magazine 
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Ki mua Album cover

…”They’ve hit the right balance,
I think, between radio friendly songs
like Ke Ke Kitea and real take-no-
prisoners belters like Lua Afe, Pate Mo
Tou Agaga,
 Kaleve or Pate Pate – a
kind of  Pacific Pata Pata where the
percussive driveof their logdrums
gives a quite different,unique flavor.
Well, you probably figured
out by now that I like this one” ….
IAN ANDERSON  Froots Magazine 
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Te Vaka Album

..."At once tribal and rootsy, the
atmospheric results make for a
refreshing antidote to much of todays
self-obsessed pop. Te Vaka will appeal
to world music fanatics,new-agers,
smooth-jazz listeners and anyone else
that appreciates gorgeous harmonies,
infectious log-drum rhythms and
joyous percussion”...

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