Audiences everywhere have been captivated by the Te Vaka experience. On stage Te Vaka delivers more than just a musical performance. The audience is taken, with music and dance, on a journey into the Pacific Islands, into the heart of Polynesia.

The costumes are vibrant and change constantly throughout the show. The dancers are skilled in Polynesian dances from many different Islands in the South Pacific. The drummers are a force beating out the rhythms of their ancestors. This is a fantastic display of 'Tribal Power' .

The show, like the music, has a contemporary edge which serves to enhance the communication of the songs and make them easy for other cultures to relate to and enjoy.

The focus is, of course, the log drums (pate) but this is varied and added to by the use of other instruments such as the acoustic and electric guitars creating within the show a great diversity - from log drum grooves which defy anyone to hold their body still, to soulful ballads that can move you to tears.

Te Vaka is an experience!!!! Read reviews of the show to find out what the critics say

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 Te-Vaka-Dancers  Te-Vaka-the-band
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