Well.... you lied

Te Vaka
Te Vaka


I wrote this song after seeing the “Say No to Drugs” screening.  Those being interviewed told similar stories of how others got them into drugs - and the comment that stuck with me was “well... they lied”. Opetaia


Lyrics - Opetaia Foa'i, Music - Opetaia Foa'i & Malcolm Smith 

I want to see you go through
Move into it
Pull away pull away
Temptations always looking for more

Some invitation to lose yourself
Armed with a needle and gun
You can bet on it
Pull away Pull away
You know you got to break the spell

It’s always one more for love
To believe and come along
What was I thinking of

You told me once upon a time
That our love is strong
We will always go on and never die
Be my friend ‘til the end
Well you lied

Liliu mai ve (turn this way)
So high above the world
Only you can see
Liliu mai ve
Don’t have what you want
But I have what you need
Liliu mai ve
So high above the world no more and no less
Liliu mai ve
You’re going nowhere slowly bleeding to death

Sympathy you can forget
Whatever you need to get
Help you through the Haze
On your return no regrets
No words can explain
When you find yourself again
Don’t give in to it


© Spirit of Play Productions/Opetaia Foa'i