Te Vaka

Te Vaka
Opetaia Foai


This is an idea of what it must have been like to search for and discover the Tokelau islands. It is about the perilous journey made by canoe across thousands of miles of ocean in search of land. A feat that proved the Polynesian people to be amongst the greatest navigators ever. 


Tokelau language


TE VAKA (The Canoe)
Lyrics & Music - Opetaia Foa'i

Tenei au te pule oto tatou folau
Ki te motu i tafa ilagi
Kote nuku e fotu ake nei
Hoe hoe mai kia Tokelau ke tahi

Ke mau / Te hoe ote vaka
Hoe tahi / Te hoe ote vaka
Teu atu / Te hoe ote vaka
Keu atu / Te hoe ote vaka

Pe mahai nei te tu tolu ke nonoa
Ite noa taga ote loto tahi
Kae hai mo a to fakaloto loto
Ka ko au e fuli ko tatou e mae
Ne tahi

I, who am the head of this expedition
have a vision
That just beyond the horizon,
there is a place that we will call our home.
So row,
row with Tui Tokelau (God of Tokelau).
Row, row as one.


Is there a way to unite the three (islands)
into a single knot as in the heart of one,
if there are thoughts of devidedness
my thoughts only tell me of one.

Land! land! we have arrived
Land ahead look our land is rising


© Spirit of Play Productions/Opetaia Foa'i