Te Vaka
Opetaia Foai


An idea of what the great Polynesian god Tagaloa (god of the sea) was then and is today. From his many feats to meet the constant demands for help and assistance from his people before the arrival of the missionaries, up to when he fell from grace - replaced by another god - to today, where he watches and waits.........


Tokelau language



TAGALOA (God of the Sea)
Opetaia Foa'i

Tagaloa, Tagaloa ko he talohaga 
e fai faipea 

mo tou latou puipuiga
mo tou fakatagaga

moa latou taumafaiga
taumafaiga uma

Tagaloa fakalogo
tu mau pea

Tagaloa, Tagaloa they are still praying for you
for your protection for your permission
for all their many adventures in life
Tagaloa listen for they wish for you to remain


© Spirit of Play Productions/Opetaia Foa'i