Our Ocean

Te Vaka
Te Vaka


In 2004 I was asked by Greenpeace to write this song in support of a campaign carried out by the Rainbow Warrior visiting the Islands of Kiribati, Fiji, Solomons and other Pacific Nations to raise awareness about overfishing in the Pacific, hence the use of those languages in the song.


Lyrics & Music - Opetaia Foa'i

I give you my voice
Together we make a stand
We're making the right choice
For our future and for our children too
Hear the cries of the ocean
Cries of caution from our ancestors
We can't be defeated
United we can win.

This is my ocean
This is my future
My choice
This ocean is my home
This is our ocean
This is our future
Our choice
The Pacific is my home

What do we say to our ancestors
When all the fish are gone
If we fail to protect our home
And all our future children to come
Their hope lies in us

Chorus replies (in Fijian, Kiribati and One Tok)
We must protect it
They must respect it
Our Ocean

© Spirit of Play Productions/Opetaia Foa'i